Campaign Finance and Reporting

Campaign finance is the requirement for all individuals or entities who establish political committees to report contributions and expenditures under the North Carolina Campaign Reporting Act.

North Carolina residents appointed as treasurers of political committees are required to receive training within three months of appointment and once every four years thereafter. The State Board of Elections provides opportunities to take the mandatory compliance training online, in person at designated times in Raleigh, or at hosted regional trainings held at various locations during the year. To sign up for training, click here and follow the instructions provided. You are also encouraged to take the New Treasurer Course and Software training.

To view the 2021 Regional and State Mandatory Compliance Training Schedule, click here.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections provides all political committees with the appropriate reporting forms to be used in compliance with the Campaign Finance Reporting Act. To access all required North Carolina Campaign Reporting Forms click here. The State Board of Elections has also created campaign finance software. To download the campaign finance reporting software, click here.

The New Hanover County Board of Elections maintains a public repository of all campaign finance reports filed with our office. To access reports for registered political committees, click here.

To access reports for political committees registered with the State Board of Elections, click here.

All candidates for elective office in North Carolina are required to file organizational forms with the appropriate board of elections, within 10 days of one of the following actions, whichever comes first:

1. Receiving money or an item of any value in support of the campaign; or

2. Spending money in support of the campaign; or

3. Giving consent for anyone else to receive money or spend money for the purpose of bringing about that individual’s nomination or election for office; or

4. Filing a notice of candidacy.

All committees organizing over the $1,000 threshold are required to file campaign finance reports per the reporting schedule. Political Action and Referendum Committees are also subject to campaign finance laws and reporting.

Click here to access committee packets for new candidates.

As you begin the process of campaign finance reporting, you may have questions that require simple clarification or a more detailed response. The answers to most procedural questions can be found in documentation and instructions that are accessible by clicking on the following links:

Campaign Finance Manual
Committee Packets
Campaign Finance Remote Software Supplemental Assistance Guide

If you still have questions, after referring to the resources above, please contact the Elections Compliance Specialist by clicking the link below.

Campaign Finance Committee Form

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