Student Information

Beginning in November 2016, the polling place for precinct W24 which encompasses the main campus of UNCW will be located at the UNCW Warwick Center at 629 Hamilton Rd. Please note that students who live off campus may be required to vote in a different precinct. Please click here to check your registration status and locate your polling place.

Registering to Vote

If registering to vote at your on-campus address, be sure to provide the following on your voter registration application in addition to other requirements indicated on the registration form:

  • the physical address of your residence hall as your residential address, including dorm room number (the campus address of 601 S. College Road is not an acceptable address). Click here to see a list of addresses associated with campus residencies. By putting just the name of your residence hall in the residential address field, you are satisfying the residency listing for registration. For example, if you live in Belk Hall, you may put “Belk Hall” in the residency address field and the Board of Elections will associate your application with the correct postal address of that facility.
  • your campus post office box; we must be able to reach you by mail.

Even though many organizations hold registration drives on campus, the process is only completed once the Board of Elections processes the form and you receive a voter registration card in the mail. To register directly with the New Hanover County Board of Elections, you may download a registration form and mail or deliver the form in-person. You can also obtain and fill out the form at our office. Before the registration deadline (25 days prior to each election), it is a good idea to check your registration on the State Board of Elections website to make sure its current.

Please click here to access the “Voter Guide for UNCW Students”!

Absentee Voting

Students keeping their home address for voting purposes should request an absentee ballot by mail from their home county’s Board of Elections office.

New Hanover County voters may visit any Absentee One-Stop Voting site convenient to them.

Election Day Voting

It is important that you go to your assigned precinct on Election Day.

Click here to find your polling place.





Board of Elections: 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 38 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-7330 • Fax 910-798-7295